Improving a hotel’s online presence improves its ability to attract today’s digital (and discerning!) travelers.

You can see it on trivago, where the hotel profiles that receive the most attention and generate the highest engagement — the most views and clicks from travelers — also have the most optimized online presences.

By optimized online presence, we mean stunning hotel photos. Catchy descriptions translated into multiple languages. Hotel details that are current and complete. High-quality content and accurate, comprehensive information.

And the value of an optimized online presence is not something to be ignored.

In search results, optimized profiles tend to have greater visibility and receive up to 2.4 times more attention (clicks) from travelers on average. And hotels with such profiles have been seen a 171% bump in bookings on average.

So, you can see just how important a hotel’s online presence is. Which is why this year’s trivago Awards include the category Outstanding Online Presence.