Our Story


The purpose of establishing the Luxury Hotel Magazine for East Africa is to add value to the  Hotel industry and provide hotel experts with an opportunity to share or learn about challenges in the hospitality industry, not only advertise but also to add value, educate, inspire people about the hospitality industry. 

Having been in the hotelier industry for a while and our research and analysis has shown that most businesses struggle with handling their day to day operations and services as well as finding innovative ways to grow their businesses and increase revenue. 

We are a highly expertized team of Hotel Experts with a love for modern Hospitality, and a passion for sharing knowledge. Blended together, they create Luxury Hotels Magazine. A valuable knowledge source for modern Hospitality enthusiasts, providing Tips for management, marketing, online sales, operations & contemporary design.

Our Hotelier Experts love to share their knowledge as much as they love sharing their experience from amazing hotels around the world. Learn from real Case Studies, that have managed to make properties stand out and become global reference points.

Jen Write

Our Services

Hotelier Consulting

We use various marketing and hotel management strategies and techniques in order to promote hotel related businesses and make a positive impression on customers. Essentially, it is about making a hotel as appealing as possible, in order to attract more guest and to increase profit margins.

Hospitality Training

We are a highly expertized team of Hotel experts with a love for modern Hospitality and a passion for sharing knowledge. We possess a valuable knowledge source for modern Hoteliers and Hotel related services, providing Hotelier Tips for management, marketing, online sales, operations & contemporary design.



International and Local Conference services

We service our corporate clients with well organised large to small scale corporate events, conferences and exhibitions. from flights to ground transportation to and from the venue. We take a personalised approach, prioritising your internal budgets and the needs of your committee, speakers, and VIPs.

Tourism Consulting

We advise our clients on creating memorable experiences for a worldwide audience. We provide a range of services including market insight, strategic planning, marketing, experience development, storytelling and visitor services.



The primary focus of luxury brand management is to continue creating memorable experiences. Luxury isn’t only about the consumption of a brand; it’s the excellence, story, and the heritage of the brand as well. Companies, by providing intangible values and deeper meanings to their audience have been able to add more to their services and products. This is what we are all about.



Barrik Daniels is the founder of Luxury Hotel Magazine East Africa. He is vastly experienced as a hospitaliy consultant having worked in the tourism industry for the past 20 years.

Barrik Daniels is best known for his quality attention character, and as a man of an eye for detail. He has worked with a number International chain Hotels within East Africa.

” The existence and establishment of his incredible magazine is great news for major hotels within East Africa; reason being, the Luxury Hotels Magazine was designed for them. Decision makers and luxury travel enthusiasts should use this avenue to reach millions of Luxury Hotels Magazine’s readers in East Africa.

Barrik Daniels


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